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Trudy is an almost 1 yr old sweet little girl that was picked up after being hit by a car and had a broken back leg down in TX. She was left on the side of the road and a good Samaritan found her and begged for our help. She has had her surgery and is pretty much fully recovered.  She is a wiggly sweet girl who loves her people, loves to play with other dogs and loves kids and would probably be ok with cats. Trudy is crate trained, leash trained and house trained. She loves to play and cuddle more than anything.

Trudy came in very Weim grey in color and has since morphed well away from looking like a Weim- what can we say, we just couldn't let her suffer after her accident- she may not have any in Weim in her but she is an adorable girl and will make an awesome family companion. What we do know she is super sweet, little itty girl, probably be about 35lbs when she is done growing. She is athletic, active and will make a great hiking, camping and out door companion for someone who wants a slightly smaller dog than a Weim. She would love to go to dog parks, hang out at after school activities and be a part of a busy family who wants a dog that will slide right in. She loves all people and will love to share her kisses and cuddles all around.

For anyone curious- after some googling around we think Trudy might be mostly Patterdale Terrier - ie awesome active companion breed at a delightful mid range size. 

Complete an application and welcome this sweet girl into your family!

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