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Application & Info

Our  Weims Are Waiting For You!

All of our Rescued Weims are spayed or neutered, microchipped, brought up-to-date on their shots, heart worm tested if old enough and any medical needs are addressed. Our Weims reside in Foster Care or with one of our approved boarding facilities where we get acquainted with each individual.


  • Puppy (8 weeks) - 6 months - $600 (+ an additional spay/neuter deposit if applicable)

  • 7 months - 6 years – $375

  • Senior 7- 9years – $250

  • Senior 10+ years – $125

If adopting multiple Weims at one time, adoption fees may be reduced. All adoption fees go towards the care for all of our rescued Weims while in transition to forever homes. The cost to prepare our Rescued Weims for adoption greatly exceeds the adoption fee. Our largest single expense is the veterinary care we provide. 


Application and Adoption Process

Once your application is complete and meets our requirements, the process, managed by our Adoption Coordinators, is as follows:

  1. Conduct Reference and Veterinary checks

  2. Schedule a Phone Interview and a possible Home Visit- it can take us 2-3 weeks to process your application- PLEASE BE PATIENT.

  3. Schedule a time to meet with the Rescued Weim

  4. At the time you meet with the Rescued Weim and an Adoption Coordinator, a formal adoption agreement is signed, adoption fee transferred and then you and your new Weim head home as a family!

Some Things You Need to Know


Placements are made according to what will be best for the Weim. They are not a first-come first-served basis, but rather based on which family is the best match for the Weim. Many of the Weims who come into our care do not get posted on our website because they are matched with a pre-approved applicant who we think will be the best family for that dog.

If the Weim you indicated interest in on your application is adopted by another applicant, your application will remain active for nine months and we will continue to try to match you with a Weim who may come into our program during that time. Unfortunately, we never know when dogs will come into our care. The more flexible you are with age, gender, color, health care needs, training, etc., the easier it will be for us to find a Weim for you.

Other Considerations

  • Applicants must be at least 21 years old.

  • All current dogs in your home over the age of one year, must be spayed or neutered.

  • If you rent/lease your home, we require written permission from your landlord to keep a Weim before we can consider your application. 

  • Your application will expire 9 months from the date of acknowledgement.

  • We primarily serve Colorado’s Front Range community but will adopt to our neighboring states.

  • Many of the Weims who come into our care are strays and we have no history on them such as: are they good with children; do they get along with other dogs; how do they behave around cats and small pets; do they jump fences; are they house-trained, etc. We do our best to get to know them while they are in our care, but there will always be surprises – good and bad – as an adoptive family gets to know the new Weim in their life.

  • MHWR is an all-volunteer organization and, unfortunately, we are unable to return phone calls and emails regarding application status. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

  • If you are unsure as to whether you can commit to a one of our Rescued Weims for the rest of their life – Weims live an average 12-14 years or more – then please rethink your decision to adopt. Adoption is for the rest of the Weim's life and our Rescued Weims have already had enough turmoil in their lives.

MHWR is dedicated to finding the best placement possible for each of our Rescued Weims and our adopters. We appreciate your patience with our process. Our organization consists entirely of volunteers who work diligently to ensure each Weim finds a wonderful new home where they are a well-matched and a loved member of the family.


Please Note:  If you have an urgent request, please email us at

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