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Rainbow Bridge

MHWR - Rainbow Bridge

All of the dogs listed below are Weimaraners who have passed over the Rainbow Bridge. If you have a Rainbow Bridge story you'd like to share, please email your photos and story here.

All of these dogs were loved beyond belief and their passing was hard on families. Other dogs weren't loved nearly enough and deserved so much more than they received. We love them all equally.



Sage was an adventurous dog and enjoyed being outside with her humans running, hiking, backpacking, playing ball.  She was also a wonderful personal assistant, lounge buddy and most importantly a loyal and loving companion.


She had 14 amazing years on this earth where she was loved and cherished. She will be greatly missed.

~Judd NeSmith

July 13, 2022


I am Bella. Princess of the Blue. Destroyer of puppy toys. Chaser of all small and large furry critters in my realm.

When I heard that my sisters and I were going into Weimaraner Rescue, I was concerned. After all, we were just puppies, how were we supposed to rescue people? Further, at that point, most of the people I had met were not anyone I would want to rescue anyway.

When I met Mary and Michael, they seemed nice enough. But Mary was extremely focused on my gray sisters. When I saw the pale pink collar in Michael’s back pocket, I knew it would look fabulous with my blue coat. I got close to Mary and began being as adorable as I could be. In no time at all, Mary was putting the pink collar on me. I had fooled her into thinking she had picked me, when, I had picked her.

They brought me home to their backyard. It was covered in this cool, soft stuff called grass. Much nicer than the concrete floor in my pen on the farm where I was born. Sunning in the grass was one of my favorite things. 

Michael was in terrible shape. He said he could barely walk eighteen holes (whatever that meant). His knees hurt and his posture was terrible. I immediately put him on a strict program of 2-3 walks per day. Mary was in great shape and took me running. She would reward me by sneaking food to me under the table. The problem was, she is not very sneaky, and we got caught all the time.

The walking program gave me a chance to introduce them to the dogs in the neighborhood and their people. I could not believe they had lived in the neighborhood so long but never met these dogs and their people.

I chewed shoes, shirts, and jackets. I grabbed food off the counters (I am a Weimer, why would they leave it there?). I could take up all of the available room in a king-sized bed. I got into trouble but always melted their hearts with kisses and snuggles.

I formed great friendships with Mary and Michael’s kids and their dogs. Eventually, my little cocker spaniel brother, Charlie, joined us. Once we established each other’s boundaries we became best friends. There were always people and dogs around.

For almost eleven years I did my best for them. I was called across the bridge before I finished rescuing Mary and Michael. I hope another Weimer will find them soon and take care of them as I have. I will be waiting for them at the gate when they cross the bridge.

- Michael and Mary Mirabella, February 2022



We had to say goodbye to our beautiful, sweet Sasha last night. She was always more like a human than a dog and her empathy and ability to communicate through those eyes was a gift that will always be missed. She brought us more happiness in her 7 years than we could have ever imagined. We love you Sash!

~Graham & Katie Daugherty

September 23, 2016



We had just begun planning out Miss Rosie’s future. We were so hopeful she was going to make a remarkable recovery, and enjoy the long, happy life every pup deserves. She was lethargic on Wednesday, and when her gums began to look nearly white, her foster mom rushed her to the ER. Rosie’s gall bladder had nearly ruptured. The emergency veterinarians, our director, and Rosie’s foster mom all agreed it was best to let her pass.

Rosie crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Wednesday evening, with her foster mom by her side. We are devastated she did not get the life she deserved, but we are comforted knowing her last several weeks were the best of her life. She knew love and friendship, she got to go on adventures, and even start to recover from her neglected past enough to get a reputation as Rosie the Naughty. She learned to hike, she had many beloved friends of the human and canine variety, and she was oh so loved by her foster mom.


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