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What is a Weim?

MHWR has found some great articles to help our future Weimy Pack mates to understand our Weimy ways. So read up and check out our forum for questions and comments.

Is a Weimaraner the right breed for you?

Living With a Weimaraner


When Baby Makes Four: A Dog Is For Life

15 Most Challenging Dog Breeds for New Pet Owners (Weims #6)


Common Diseases in Weims


Weimaraner Fund


Articles on Living and Training Weimaraners


Old Dogs Rock!Second Hand Dogs

What Weims Eat


What Is The Best Dog Food for a Weimaraner?


How Does Your Dog Food Brand Compare?

Intro to Raw feeding

Fun Stuff


Do’s and Don’t’s (coloring book)


Doggie Ice cream recipe


Home made Weimaraner Dog treats


Resourceful Websites

Low Cost Pet Vaccination Clinics


What is bloat?

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