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Skye is a delightful, moderately active 6 yr old Blue female. She is part of our dogs that came in from the Texas breeding operation. Skye is good on leash, good with kids, good with other dogs and good left home alone! She is also house trained and has learned how to cuddle, and loves the couch (as you can see from below)

Her foster reports:

  • Skye is SERIOUSLY the sweetest dog!! If we didn't have a dog, she'd probably be a foster failure.  

  • She's STILL great on the leash.  Literally always by my side. She loves going for longer leashed walks.  

  • She's totally fine with my kids giving her lots and lots of hugs. She doesn't "play" with them...she'd rather them just pet her and be gentle, but she warms up more all the time.

  • Noises don't seem to bother her. My dog RUNS when i run the vacuum...but Skye just hangs out. 

  • She has learned to love car rides after some initial hesitancy.

  • She has settled into being ok left at home, but would prefer a family not gone long, long hours.

  • She's not destructive towards any of the toys / Furniture (I'm hoping our puppy learns good behavior from Skye..hahah, wishful thinking)

  • Her house-training is coming along and she is pretty much there.

  • She is a little overweight, and we are working on trimming her up!

  • She sleeps on a dog bed nr my bed.

  • She is very calm and chill- not like a typical Weim.

  •  She doesn't table surfing and doesn't try to steal food from the kids!

Skye TX2.jpg
Skye TX3.jpg
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