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Miss Heidi is here in Colorado and in search of her forever family! She is with a wonderful foster and now we want to find her forever home. Heidi came from a terrible situation living in a metal crate outdoors in TX.  She has the scars to prove it, poor lady and has some rubbing and calluses to show for her experiences. Despite all that she is a loving, sweet old lady looking for a couch to land on. She is house trained, good left out and decent with dogs and ok with cats. She did live in a home of deaf people so knows some hand signals- She herself is mostly deaf as well- but totally looks for guidance from her people. She is good on a leash and has been off leash on short trails- she likes to go no more than a couple miles a day as all that crate time did leave her with some arthritis, but the longer she in CO the better she is moving as she gains muscles and strength. She can do stairs and is super happy with outdoor time, but her FAVORITE thing is to be tucked into a soft place with a blanket over her head. She loves to be touching her people and enjoys cuddles more than you can imagine. She is VERY food motivated- not aggressive - just very driven so sometimes you have to slow her down a little- and def protect your counters! Heidi also has a hyperthyroid condition which is treated by an inexpensive pill twice a day. Otherwise she is healthy and getting in shape. Her foster in CO has nothing but wonderful things to say about her. We’d love to find her forever family. Thanks to TX Weim rescue for transferring her to us.

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