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Goofiness alert! EJ (short for Elton John) is a 9month old beautiful goofy boy. He was born into Mile High Weim Rescue in May of 2023 and his mom is a pure Weim (We share photos if you are interested of her and EJ's baby hood) and well, Dad...we aren't sure. This sweet boy was adopted out to the most wonderful family but they have had a chronic illness hit the family so we are looking for a new spot for EJ.

This wonderful goofy dog has had a GREAT start in life and is a pure delight as a result. He is house trained, crate trained, good walking with a harness and doesn't chew anything but dog toys and doesn't jump all over you! He sleeps through the night and is good with people, dogs and cats- he is still a puppy and can get the 'goofies' but listens well and is desperate to please. As he is so young he hasn't done a lot of hiking - we are letting that body grow out - but he is also AMAZING off leash and comes when called on the walks we do. He LOVES to play with other dogs big AND small and takes correction super well. He would make a great dog for the dog park as he loves to wrestle and play. He is 70lbs at 9 months old so should end up around 80lbs or so- a bigger boy but not huge.

EJ LOVES LOVES LOVES to snuggle and be your lap dog. He'd make a great addition as an only dog or with a pal who will teach him to mature- he is living with an 8yr old Weim and a Chihuahua currently and they have both taught him to calm down and keep his puppy paws out of the way. This dog is pure gold and would love to find his forever. 

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