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Meet Bruce (we call him Rocky J)! Bruce is on the smaller side for a Weim, weighing in around 50-55 pounds. He’s a very sweet boy but gets spooked easily. Bruce loves to run and will take any opportunity to dart out the front door if you’re not careful. He would thrive in a home with another dog that likes to play in the backyard. A home with a big yard with at least a 4’ fence to play in would be great but neighborhood walks and occasional trips to the doggie park to run would work, too. He loves other dogs but gets timid (not aggressive) around people. He does well with kids (timid but gentle, not aggressive) but we’re not sure about cats. We haven’t seen him around cats. Bruce isn’t a typical “Velcro” Weim. He loves to be petted but isn’t much of a cuddler. He may come around to that after some time getting to know you, though. Bruce doesn’t bark much and is very chill inside the house, unless he gets spooked by an unfamiliar sound. He doesn’t play fetch but will chew up toys when left alone. We think this is his separation anxiety behavior. Bruce eats well and doesn’t have any health issues that we are aware of. He has been neutered and chipped. Adopt Bruce today and know that you’ll have a handsome boy that will appreciate your unconditional love forever! See pictures below.

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