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Rosie is the most wonderful darling dog, but she has a condition called MMM- which is a degenerative disease that starts by attacking the muscles in the face and then the whole body IF not diagnosed and treated. We are working on stabilizing her currently and she is doing super well...She has started hiking with her foster and gaining back muscle mass. She is great with kids, dogs, people- everyone....except squirrels :) She will make someone a great dog and should live a whole and healthy life, but it is something to be aware of and the reason she is not up for adoption for at least 3-4 more weeks- so end of May. We want her in awesome shape so we give her future family a more assured prognosis. This is a totally inexpensively treatable disease as long as her future family monitors her. Rosie also has a cherry eye which we are seeking expert advice on how to treat before she is adopted.