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Willie is a sweet, gentle 12 yr old boy surrendered to a shelter in Utah because his owner died unexpectedly. Willie loves his people, is depserate for affection, cuddles and a gentle home to live out his days. He is active, alert and energetic and loves a short walk or two a day. He is great with other doggie pals, but is surprisingly strong on leash for his age. 

We think Willie was an outdoor dog- loved and not neglected but outdoors because he is learning to navigate a house, stairs etc and could use some house training manners. He can be left alone in a large crate or lock off area (he is not a chewer but has been known to cock his leg), His foster says this is getting better daily.  He can be an only dog or a pal. He is great in the car and loves to lean on you as you drive. Cats are iffy, but he is too slow to really cause an issue.

Willie has some minor medical needs. He is a touch arthritic on his back end and could use some strength building. We think he can manage stairs but needs some learning. We will help start him on any meds he needs and guide an adopter on what we think. He still has a great smile and has many cuddles left to give. Would you step up and give him a doggie bed to crash on?