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Tuck is a beautiful, big 4.5 yr old Weim boy needing a really special adopter. He originally came from a shelter in CO, was adopted out by MHWR and sadly returned 2yrs later because his owner could not manage him with her itinerant lifestyle. Tuck is a loveable, active, perfectly mannered boy hiking companion, decent on leash and loves to chill on the couch. He adores other dogs, adores people he knows, house trained, crate trained and impeccable off leash recall. He has perfect house manners and can manage normal working hours at home chilling. He is also amazing at doggy day care- the staff raves about how well he does. No cats or kids please.


However,  Tuck can be a bit tricky- he has some intermittent resource guarding of his human. Although food motivated he has learned well to 'trade' for high value items and is easily managed through this. However, he started to occasionally guard his previous owner from perceived 'threats'. With his foster he has shown NONE of this behavior- so what is her magic? She is pretty dog savvy and gives him no excuse to guard her. She also has 2 other dogs that regularly put Tuck 'in his place'. She keeps him well exercised and if they do go to a public space she is careful about where and how he is managed and who says hello. On the trails he is so good and comes and sits by his foster every time she calls. So what is Tuck's perfect home? A dog savvy, tough person who knows how to 'own their space' and probably another dog or 2 that regularly tell Tuck they are in charge :). He also would do best in a more active home- though he does love his couch!! Please remember before you think of applying- resource guarding is something that has to be managed for life- while this can be reduced to nothing, as is shown in his foster home- it is a life time commitment.

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