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Handsome STAN is settling in nicely!!! Stan is a 3 year old male, 3/4 Weimaraner and 1/4 catahoula!

From his foster:

Here are our observations of Stan thus far:

• Affectionate

• Always present, at our side, and enjoys attention/snuggle time

• Athletic & energetic

• Intelligent, wily, & curious

• Alert, studious, & observant. Learns routines quickly

• Friendly and seems skilled at navigating other dogs (although he has demonstrated limited playfulness thus far). Mimics/follows our larger male Dobie, provides space for our larger Queen Bee husky, and has been gentle with our smaller & much older JR terrier.

• House trained

• Trainable and has learned basic commands.

• Prefers to be the first one through doors, even when he has absolutely no clue where they lead

• He has not demonstrated interest in our hens

• Travels well in vehicles and will sleep so long as he’s confined to an area (otherwise he prefers driving or navigating from the driver’s lap)

• We have not observed him yet with kiddos (best guesstimate at this point, based on his gentle approach with our lil’ female terrier, is that he’d do well)

His wonderfully vibrant personality has frequently endeared the extension of his name to “Oh Stan” and “Uh-oh Stanley.”


He’ll likely prosper in a patient home where he can obtain ample exercise and loving attention. He’s on the smaller side for a male Weim (so ‘relatively’ easy to manage).

If you are interested in adopting STAN, please fill out an application on our website and we’ll reach out! 

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