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Everyone Meet Stan! Stan is a 3 year old male, Weim mix.

Stan came as a stray from TX and would love to find an adventure buddy to settle with- this guy is def looking to be someone's 'ride or die' buddy! What a sweet gentle boy, to know him is to love him- seriously you have to meet him because the first thing he does is lean into you and wants to love all over you. Stan would be such a great addition to a solo person or couple, or family with older kids. He is a smaller Weim mix weighing only at 45lbs. He has a beautiful harlequin coat showing he is indeed a mix, and quite beautiful. He does very well adapting to a household routine. As long as he gets a 20-25 min walk right after breakfast he is the most perfect gentleman left at home, and can be left home loose all day with no issues. He will snooze until you make it back home, chilling in the sun if he can find a spot. He loves snuggling and his sweet gentle kisses will make you feel extra special. Stan loves his people but struggles on leash with other dogs. He is getting better and his foster mom is working on ‘leave it’ and he doing super well. He will happily share a house with another dog, he does currently with a Chihuahua and another Weim and loves to cuddle with them. Stan is very smart and learns commands easily- including ‘back’ as Stan sure would like to adventure so would LOVE a house with a secure 6ft fence.


Stan is as affectionate and loving as they come. He may have been saved from the streets of Texas but he has no food aggression and is a perfect gent for someone who works away from home. That is a rare find, but he is one for sure! He has learned to cross country ski and hike with his foster but his true love is walking the city and smelling all the smells…could you be that adventurer with him?

If you are interested in adopting STAN, please fill out an application on our website and we’ll reach out! 

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