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Welcome Roscoe, a 9 Month old wild child puppy who just wants to be your best friend. He love love LOVEs to be around people, and is super eager to play and learn. He was with a family, but they were not prepared for his weim-puppy needs, and didn’t know how to train him. As a result, he currently only has one speed – PUPPY! He will need to be taught manners and have an appropriate outlet for his puppy energy. He is not yet great in his crate, but we think might be ok at home for short amounts of time if he receives enough stimulation (mental as well as physical). He has kept his crate clean so we think will be easy to housetrain. He is good with other dogs. Roscoe has not met cats before, and is probably best with older kids due to his high energy level. Roscoe will need a strong leader to show him the ropes of how to be the best companion and show him how to be a great Weim.