Sweet, easy going 2 yo Roody is available for adoption this week after his neuter. He was sadly 'dumped' at a shelter in New Mexico and was so scared we opened our hearts to this not-so-Weim lover boy. Turns out he is a true golden nugget, not just in color, but he is also so easy- perfect as a first time dog for anyone out there looking for a 'starter' dog. He is good with dogs, kids, adults and pretty much everyone he meets- he loves to say hi and wiggle, wiggle, wiggle his but in greeting. He is super super cuddly, but up for adventures too! He is easy on leash (even heels), house trained, crate trained and a sweetie- he might even be ok with cats! We even think, with a little work, he’ll be great off leash because he has no prey drive and loves loves loves his humans. He might even make an emotional support dog as he checks in with his 'people' and is very outgoing and engaging with people in public settings. No, he isn’t a Weim, but maybe a Viszla, Boxer, pit mix- and the sweetest, chillest guy around. Interested? If you have an application on file, let us know, or fill out an ap today. There is no such thing as a 'perfect' dog, but this one seems to be pretty close!

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