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Sometimes in rescue you have to step up- and Rascal is one of those- he is not a Weim at all but some kind of Chesapeake retriever/Pit mix. Rascal was dumped in a shelter in new Mexico and we think had a pretty limited life before- not a lot of interaction- but he is a sweetie of the highest order. We pulled him because so few dogs make it out of that shelter and we hope someone will open their heart to him.

Rascal is 2 yo neutered bucket of reddish fur with soft ears, squatty legs and meaty thighs and is literally about 1 thing: in life making sure there's enough room on the couch to ensure there's proper cuddling. He is a total snuggler and wants to make sure you're comfortable only so that he is comfortable. He is house trained, leash trained and can be left alone safely if you have to go out.


I have two other dogs - one is mellow the other is a velociraptor that loves food - and they all get along with no fighting.  We have seen them play wrestling in the backyard and he's great. Rascal  takes a little shy time to warm up to other dogs and people. but overall is a friendly, just slightly reserved just takes time for his introvert self to open up. I'm not sure on cats but he loves people. I'm confident he could be around kids as he lights up when he sees them out and about.


Crates aren't a thing he enjoys - he's a couch dog but I can assume that he'll find a nice place to sleep in a hidey hole.  


- Is GREAT on a leash and LOVES walks. He heels really really well but doesn't like jerking motions. He'll come to you if you're mellow but won't adjust to quick turns.

- Rascal loves to hike.

- Loves food - he has a super soft mouth when being offered treats

- His loudest bark sounds like a cough but he'll  let rambunctious dogs know gently to give him some space. He hasn't snipped at anyone, just asks for some quiet respect.

- Doesn't (or hasn't yet) chewed on anything! 


Other things:

- He is STILL shy from his previous life and does not like sudden movements from anything - he will run away and takes some coaxing to come out. He is pretty skittish with noises or people reaching down to him. Putting him in a car will take some time as he has to be carried- but he is getting better all the time.  

- not really into toys - I don't think he knows what they are but he loves to run with the zoomies in the backyard.

- food protective - he'll growl if other dogs come near him while eating.  So separate other dogs during meal time.


My absolute favorite thing:  he snores (loudly) while breathing in AND out. Even during the most dramatic moments of "This is Us" I am just laughing too hard - this is much to the chagrin of my girlfriend (who loves This is Us - I'm not sure why tho.  There aren't any aliens in it).