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MHWR was delighted to partner with Weim Rescue of Texas in a huge shut down of a commercial breeding operation. Halo is one of the 8 ladies we took in and is as sweet as can be. Her foster mom reports:


"If ever there was to be a foster fail in our house it would be with this girl - having fostered dozens of dogs over the years she is truly the stand out of them all. In just a few short weeks she has learned: big soft beds are FAR better than the dirt, foster siblings are here for cuddling/playing/sunbathing, the grass outside is where she goes potty and has not had any accidents in the house, walks around the neighborhood are awesome especially when she gets to see other doggies out on their walks, the stairs are totally not scary anymore and when her foster parents are gone she has free roam of the house with her foster siblings and will not damage anything. 


She is the most eager to please, gentle, sweet and loving dog. When she drinks water almost her whole face goes in the water. She gets so excited to be in her soft bed that she rolls around and sleeps belly up a lot of the time. She LOVES her people and her foster siblings- she takes all of her cues from them and even when one wasn't totally sure how to feel about her she spent 5 days making him love her. She is about 6 years old and after a little walk in the morning and play time with her siblings she naps and cuddles the day away. Best of all- when she looks at you, you'd swear she actually believes the sun rising and setting right over your head because she couldn't love you more." 


The vet said she is orthopedically very sound and she will be spayed and have her teeth cleaned in October. 

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