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Champ is a sweet male BONDED with his pal Bailey (Female)- see her page. They will be adopted together.


Champ walks well on a leash and is a very gentle affectionate dog. He shares his toys with Bailey and loves loves to cuddle with her. 

Champ loves other dogs and has a great time at the dog park and loves to run and hike with his human pals.  His recall when off leash is very good. He is house trained and happy at home alone. He enjoys being petted and will snuggle with his humans. He loves to go for walks and is good in the car.


We are working demand barking- such a typical Weim- smart enough to ask the humans for things, but was trained with a spray bottle so the sight of it will calm his barking and he is getting better all the time.

As a pair, Champ and Bailey are good in the house when left alone. They don't chew anything that is not theirs and are totally reliable.  Dog toys are high on their list for playing and chewing.

With the energy level that these dogs have people would not guess that they are 9 years old!!! Are you ready to give this young at heart pair a home?