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MHWR was delighted to partner with Weim Rescue of Texas in a huge shut down of a commercial breeding operation. Bella is one of the ladies we took in and is as sweet as can be. Bella is 7 years old, a pretty grey, and finally healthy and ready to find her forever home. Bella could not be a sweeter easier lady.


She has been living in the mountains with 2 dogs and is hiking and chilling like a long time pro. She is an awesome trail companion- never going more than 5 -6 ft from her foster off leash, meets other dogs politely (or ignores them). She has even gone back country skiing on some shorter tours and learned to stay off the skiis and yet hang close to her foster. She could not be more adored!

Bella is a perfect lady on leash, never pulling or reacting in any way. Bella is house-trained and good with dogs and cats. She also adores kids and humans of all sizes. She is a very relaxed, low key gal at home with a wonderful vibe and she'll look you in the eye with calm confidence. After her daily walk she parks herself on the couch and relaxes there all day.

Bella would love a home with other dogs or active people home more than not- she is not a fan of the crate. She can be a counter surfer- She is a Weim after all, but is otherwise a perfect addition to the house. Her foster has left her up to 6 hrs no issues. She has gone to the local bar and been a hit, meeting and greeting everyone. She has done kids reading time at the local library- with the patience of a saint! She would make an excellent therapy dog.

Bella did have a health scare when she arrived and MHWR had her tumors removed. Vet report says she is in the clear and should have a long healthy life, but you'll want to keep an eye on that.

If you are looking for a calm, sweet lady, who still loves to hike, Bella could not be a more perfect gal.

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