What should I feed my Weimaraner?

Experienced owners recommend staying away from low-quality commercial foods with excess amounts of grain (corn, wheat, and soy). Some dogs are allergic to these grains or develop intolerances to them. This energetic breed should receive the correct amount and type of food to sustain their activity level. A quality diet of lean meats and some vegetables, with adequate protein, is a good place to start!

You might think that buying an inexpensive dog food is saving you money, but in the long run it might take 4 cups of one brand of dog food to have the same nutrients found in 2 cups of another dog food. Your dog can eat less food and because they are utilizing all the nutrients you will see less "waste" product in your backyard. It might also cost you less because you do not have to feed as much. Their coats will become soft and shiny, with less dander, and their moods could improve. 

Think of your dog as if they were a human. Human moods can change just like an animal depending on what you eat. Junk food can cause bad skin, bad hair, bad moods, etc. If you ate fast food everyday at every meal it would indeed fill you up, but you would feel horrible!

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Pet Food Stores- locally owned and supporters of MHWR

Near Lakewood 


Pets N' Stuff
7777 W. Jewell Ave.
Lakewood, CO 80232

Pets N' Stuff is a great place to purchase natural dog food at discount rates and bonus they have reward cards. Just click onto the Pets N' Stuff logo for more information!

Near Arvada


Pet Empawrium and Spaw
12393 W 64th Avenue
Arvada, CO 80004

Pet Empawrium is another excellent source of information for dog foods. Just click onto the black dog for more information!

Near Denver

Doggie Delights1432 South Broadway
Denver, CO 80210

Doggie Delights- the owners have an extensive background in canine and feline nutrition and will take the time to walk you through your options.

**Free treats for first time shoppers and your purchases will personally be carried and loaded into your car by the owners.**