Tucker (Formerly known as Gus)

Tucker (aka Gus) came to us after our 13 year old male passed away (who was our rescue 12 years prior). We wanted a companion for our 12 year old female because she was lost without her partner. I perused the rescue site for the perfect male for her. We came across our Tucker. He was 1 (ish), looked just like our old guy Snickers and was so pathetically skinny. I knew this was our dog. We went to Petco to meet the MHWR crew and to check to see if Aspen and Tucker would get along. They did better than get along. They ignored each other. That was a better sign for us because we knew he would respect Aspen's age. They have been great companions ever since. He is a smart dog that could watch for squirrels for hours. Tucker is now joined by a Weim puppy and rolls around all day long with him in the grass while Aspen watches from a distance. We will always have this breed. We have Weims imprinted on our hearts forever, Especially rescue Weims.

~The Gray Family~

Thursday, December 20, 2012 9:04:00 AM


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