Sadie "Bells" Namanny: 2002-2012

SadieSadie became a part of our family in December of 2009. Because of her we were inspired to start a rescue chapter in our city with Mile High when we saw her in the local shelter. We fostered her for a couple months and our four year old little girl was determined to adopt her Sadie “Bells” with her own money. We realized that we were her forever family. Because of Sadie we have helped several weims and have met wonderful people we wouldn’t have met otherwise. The few years she was with us were lived beyond measure. They were filled with more love than she had ever known before. It’s easy to see why she soaked up all the attention she could get, as her previous home before us abused, over bred, and over hunted her. She taught us to stop and enjoy life’s moments whether it was painting nails, playing dress-up, laying on our pillows, stealing our spot on the couch, and even smelling the air. Every moment with her was worth savoring as she would make it clear that that time was not to be interrupted or ended, especially when the other dogs would try to interrupt. Sadie was a special kind of weim. She wasn’t always the easiest weim as she did have some special issues of her own that were not always fun. But even through it all we are now given the joy that comes with all those memories. We greatly miss the love she brought. Sadie suddenly got unusually sick and we tried to figure out what it was and when we found out it was Cushing’s Disease we were hopeful as it was manageable. Over the few days waiting to get medicine in the mail she got sicker and sicker. The hope we had of having her a few more years was suddenly taken away when she left us forever on her own. adie definitely made sure we were taken care of and her the love she leaves behind will last our lifetime.

~The Namanny Family ~ 

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