Oct 5th, 2008 we officially adopted the puppy formally named Cheyenne. He is now known as Rocky, due to his love of chewing rocks! We are working on other fun things to chew on that better for the teeth and stomach! He is getting adjusted and becoming more curious. He had never played or been exercised before so we?ve been gradually introducing him to all these new fun things. Before we adopted Rocky, we had a Labrador, who recently pasted away. One evening our neighbors brought their new foster puppy (Cheyenne) outside for a visit. We were immediately drawn to him because of his sweet demeanor and gentleness. That night we researched Weimaraner?s to learn more about the breed and learned how well they do with families. The next day, we called our neighbors and ?puppy sat? for them. We fell in love with Rocky and realized our home wasn?t complete without another dog in it, so we decided to adopt him. A week later, we realized how much Rocky was meant to be a part of our lives. As I was working on our scrapbook, I found a note card that a friend given us when our former dog passed away. The unique thing about this was that the front the note card had a Weimaraner eating mangos on it. I got goosebumps and tears, Rocky was in the right place and we were meant to be his forever home!

~The Webster Family~

Thursday, December 20, 2012 10:41:00 AM


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