Osacar Wilde

We have officially adopted the dog formally known as Oscar. Now Oscar wilde. He is adjusting very well. He, and our other weimaraner, Slate are best buddies now. They play together, love laying next to each other. We have put Oscar through a beginning ?boot camp? with a certified trainer. His behavior is better. There is room for improvement, we plan on continuing with his training. He is so sweet, loves being with our family. Plays with the kids well. He is curious about our cat, but not aggressive. Just wants to play. He had to have his toe amputated, due to an old infection, has healed almost totally. He makes us laugh daily. I know people say the dogs that are adopted are lucky to have ?forever homes?. We feel fortunate! We just love him, he has added so much to our lives!

Thursday, December 20, 2012 10:48:00 AM


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