Macey Gray

Another great reason to adopt a Senior...
Hello MHWR,
Macey Gray is doing absolutely fabulous and we are still so happy to have her in our family. She has the funniest personality which still seems to be developing the more comfortable she becomes with us. The poor thing was shuffled so much in her life I think she is just now really becoming herself and trusting this really is her home. She's tried to push being the alpha a few times but another one of my girls is already the alpha so Macey got her butt kicked a couple of times. Nothing more serious than a little broken skin. She seems to have finally learned her place in the pecking order and is even starting to play with them occasionally (they play roughhouse with each other). Her favorite chair is one that is too small for her, which is funny to watch her fold herself into it.

She hikes and skis with us every weekend and is in great shape. She loves to fetch the ball (although we're working on reinforcing leave it so we don't fight to get the ball back). You'd never guess she is 8 years old except she sleeps more than the younger ones. Although we did a weeklong backpacking trip in August in the Wind Rivers and she stayed in Ouray with her grandpa & mimi because the trip was tough even on the two young ones. She got a hike every day with her mimi so she was happy. We don't regret adopting a senior at all! She is so funny when her dinner or breakfast is being prepared as she gets VERY excited and if it takes too long she starts barking. When we arrive home in the afternoon she also does this little bark/howl combo that is really funny. She does the same thing when we're getting ready to go run/hike/ski and it just makes us laugh out loud. Her saggy face makes us laugh much fun to squish up and give her kisses. Speaking of kisses she LOVES to give kisses. That trait didn't appear until after she'd been with us about 6 months. Now she's a kissing fool! I've attached a couple of pics from New Year's Eve day. One is of Macey on the ski track at Ironton (above Ouray) and the other is of us with all 3 girls. Macey is on the far right looking at us.

Cheers and Happy New Year,
Kelley Harper & Ross Williams

Thursday, December 20, 2012 10:30:00 AM


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