Lucy J Weimaraner: 1996-2012

LucyLucy became a part of our family in the fall of 1996. Like George. her son before her, she was a true and loyal friend, who was spirited to the very end. She often entertained us like Weimars do with communication talking through barking, commanding our other dogs to do as she wanted, and being the lovely, affectionate friend that she allways was to us. Lucy kept me in shape by walking walking, walking, fetching, running and any other form of playing that she could get in during any given 24 hours. She beat breast cancer, not once but twice, she outlived her 11 puppies, and battled down a southern cotton mouth water moccasin when she was two. She was always there to greet me at the door, and even on her last night with us she walked on the ice falling, but determined to get up and walk. She was a blessing to me in some of my darkest days and she put a serene feeling in me with her wonderful Weimaraner ways. She is and will be missed for a long time, but for those 16 years, she showed my why dogs are mans best friend. I love you Lu Lu and an can not wait to see you and George and Jake on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

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