So Lucky....
We adopted Lucky almost a month ago. She is the sweetest dog and has filled our lives with so much love and joy. She is just what we needed to help our hearts heal the loss of our beloved Lab. Just the other day she chased away a stray Rottweiler and potentially saved me and my 2 year old daughter from being attacked. For that alone we are indebted to her. But even more so the love and faithfulness she has showed us in just the few weeks that we have had her. She loves to cuddle, snuggle, or just have a hand on her will do. She really is like Velcro and we don't mind one bit. She has found her forever home here with us-we adore her! I want to do everything I can to keep her healthy and thriving. We go for walks, runs, and parks. She just loves to be with us... as we love being with her.

Thank you for this amazing Rescue. Lucky rescued me for the sadness in my heart from losing our Lab just before Christmas. We are the Lucky ones... blessed...

~The South Family~

Thursday, December 20, 2012 9:02:00 AM


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