Kix - 2011

KixI said goodbye (temporary I'm sure) to my beloved Kix in August of this year. For his 13 years he was my best friend, and the constant companion and witness to my life, happy times and sad, evacuations from hurricanes, and walks that he took me on. I have great memories of his wacky Weim behavior, most involving food. He once got a chicken out of the oven while I was on 30 minute bike ride, and the only thing that remained when I got home was the Pyrex dish on the open oven door, and the guilty look on his face. Another time he ate 2 lbs of pistachios, in the shell, which he managed to retrieve from the top of the microwave, which was on top of the counter. I won't even go into the precautions we had to take because of his interest in the trash. Nothing was safe. Kix LOVED food, and yes....we were on a first name basis with the vet. Kix was truly my shadow, and I don't think I ever took a step without putting my left hand down by my side to find his ear. Although we still have two "kids", a GSP and a Swissy mix, there is still a giant empty space where Kix used to be. Weim lovers will know what I mean.....and if you have never been loved by a Weim, let me just say that you've missed something special. When the time is right, there will be another Weim in our home, and that will be a happy day.

~The Dusenbery Family ~ 

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