Hunter "Monkey" Sagliani: 2001-2011

HunterHe had given up to rescue at age 7, he was so morbidly obese that he was unable to curl into a ball, happily he shed 60 lbs, becoming the most handsome weim we had ever met. Best described as 95% good, 5% misunderstood, we loved him so very much just the way he was. He welcomed us as his his new family with an open heart and a smile. There wasn't a day that passed that Hunter didn't make us laugh. He also had a lot to say...literally!! We are incredibly grateful for the three years that we spent loving him, he taught us so much. Sadly we lost him to bloat, it was so sudden and heartbreaking. He will live on forever in Hearts. 

~The Sagliani Family ~ 


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