We just want you to know how much we love Baxter, who we adopted from the Mile High Weimaraner Rescue in March of 2008. He has had plenty of time to make himself comfortable in our home and with our family and we can tell he loves us, too! The irony is that we were looking for a two-year-old female. I had researched the breed and found a good rescue (that's you!). I had been reading biographies on your website for months of the female dogs available for adoption, looking for just the right dog for us. I hadn't even bothered to read the bios of the males.

Our family really missed having a dog, since our last dog had died several months earlier. I knew what we were looking for in terms of temperment and decided to take a look at the males. After I read Baxter's bio, I just knew he was our dog. Baxter is male and five years old but he is the perfect fit for our family. After we met him, we were all convinced. The moral of the story is that your perfect dog may be somewhat different than you thought! We wanted a female because we thought she would be more gentle with our young children than a male. Baxter has proven to be very loving and gentle - unless he feels you owe him some attention. Then he will lean against you until you play with him or he knocks you over! Baxter lays at our feet while I homeschool our girls. When we are done, he romps with us in the back yard. He loves all of his family members - and we all think he loves us best! He is sweet and affectionate and energetic without being too wild. He has his naughty moments - in our house, the sofa is a no dog zone - but we enjoy each other's company. Baxter really is the perfect dog for us and we adore him! Thank you so much for bringing us together!

Merry Christmas and much joy from the Bernard family!

Thursday, December 20, 2012 10:37:00 AM


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