Keleigh is doing GREAT!! She really has bonded closely with us and vice versa. We really love her and she is a solid, full member of our family now. She continues to be a great listener, does well both on and off leash, and is completely over her illness (she has put on about 5 lbs actually and is VERY active now). She has become a "celebrity" with the kids in the neighborhood and really seems to enjoy all the attention they place on her. She has really brightened our lives in ways we never imagined she would and we consider ourselves very blessed to have her in our lives. We thank each of you for the roles you have played in making her adoption possible!

~Todd, Mary, Keighley, Killian, and (of course) Keleigh Gentle ~

Thursday, December 20, 2012 8:57:00 AM


Dear Nikki and the Weimeraner Rescue Team,

Poppi is such a dream dog! She is becoming part of our family and knows that she is our little girl. My daughter Simone is ecstatic about having her own dog and Poppi makes it look easy. I am so grateful that you talked us out of adopting a puppy and suggested a mature dog. Even though Poppi is 5, she has the energy and enthusiasm of a young dog with out all of the behavior issues. Thank you so much for that! Poppi sleeps in Simone's room in the bed that Simone bought with her own money and she walks her regularly so that Simone can learn about Poppy's leash habits. I also take Poppi on runs so that she can stretch out her long legs and just sprint. She has put on about a pound and doesn't have that wan, emaciated look she had. She is still lean, but now it looks right on her. Once again, thank you for the opportunity of meeting all of the wonderful dogs at the adoption fair. Poppi is so wonderful and loved that I know she was meant for our family.

Lia Christians and Family

Thursday, December 20, 2012 8:53:00 AM


Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how well Annie is settling into our home. She has become a part of our family in less than a week, and really seems happy! She loves her twice daily walks, and occasional trips to the dog park. Her energy level has lifted our spirits and keeps us honest with our walking programs. We"re thrilled to have her, and love her so much! She seems very happy here, and is being a very good girl. Thank you for allowing us to adopt Annie from your rescue. Rest assured that she has found a good and loving home, and that we will take the very best care of her possible. Pictures of Annie below are from before, during and after the dog park - one tired pup!

Kind Regards,
Judy and Chuck Lecke

Thursday, December 20, 2012 8:52:00 AM


I wanted to let you know that Tucker is doing great. He is such a good boy. He has been off the medication for over a month and no problems. We are able to leave him at home with the other dogs for over 8 hours without destructive behavior, though we really try not to do that. He is just part of the family and well on his way to regaining faith in people. I am sending a couple of pictures for you if you want to post them. I especially like the one of him with the pillow stuffing pulled out into the hall way. I guess he thought the bag of stuffing was one of his toys. He loves squeakier tennis balls, and stuffed animals, likes real animals too, especially our chicken. Tucker, Isis, and Cyrus all love to hang out and play together. Anyway, thanks for your work with Tucker. We are really happy to have him and he continually brings love and joy into our lives.

Francis Houde and Sarah Belle

Thursday, December 20, 2012 8:49:00 AM


Thank you Mile High Weimaraner Rescue!! I don't think we could love our new weimaraner any more than we do - thank you so much for Louie! We recently lost our 13 year old Labrador which left a huge hole in our heart. Knowing we didn't have the patience to dedicate to a puppy and wanted to help another dog in need, we agreed to foster Louie, a 2 year old male Weim. We were hesitant, wondering how long it would take to truly bond with Louie because we recently lost our Lab and we agreed to foster Louis, so we didn't want to get too attached. Within a few hours we were hooked! He seemed too good to be true! He's very smart, loveable and gentle with our two other dogs and 3 boys (ages 7-10). I remember my husband looking at me the very first night and said "Foster? I think it's more like ADOPTION!" My husband fell in love along with the rest of the family immediately. Louie is the 3rd dog we've rescued (we currently have 2 rescue pointers) and when people see how great all of our rescue dogs are, they are so interested in doing the same. Louie will live out the rest of his long life chasing rabbits, going on long hikes and being king of the house with this two female pointers. He deserves it - it gives much more than he takes!! Thank you again to everyone at MHWR - you were amazing to work with and incredibly supportive!

Warm Regards,
The Mauro Family

Thursday, December 20, 2012 8:47:00 AM


he first Weim Adopted from our South Dakota Chapter!

Tessa came to us about 6 months ago she loves us and we love her. Even when she is a little crazy! Tessa is very active, loyal and protective, and is a good snuggler. Her favorite thing to do is to chase the balls thrown for her. She knows she has to drop her toys as we go back into the house and where they are stored in the garage. She is really good at coming right back to you with it, as she loves to go again. She also likes to go on walks and meet new people and dogs. Her name should be Houdini, as she manages to get out of her kennel even when it is secured, and can open just about any door and some drawers with her paws. We have learned to never leave food on the counter and to expect her to get into the garbage. I think her favorite foods are q-tips and Kleenex, and the occasional sponge.

If you are considering a Weim and can give it lots of attention, don't walk, run to your nearest rescue. You will have a new best friend!

The Graslie Family

Thursday, December 20, 2012 8:46:00 AM

Tetley (Formerly known as Avery) 

Hello! Just wanted to let you know how Tetley (previously Avery) is doing. As you can see from the photos below, he has snuggled into our family with no problem! From day one he seemed to be right at home, even when his foster mom, Shonda, brought him over for a meeting, he just marched right up the back deck stairs and went into the house like he'd been there forever! We have to admit, our other Weimy, Scotia, was not happy at first when he came here forever, but after a few days she warmed up to him and now adores him (as you can see where she has her head on top of him)! The hair on his elbows and on the end of his tail is growing back, and he's gained weight. :) We're also working with his separation anxiety through training and some calming meds.

Tetley loves to hike with us, loves to go for long walks, and if it's food, he loves it no matter what! His favorite thing to do is walk around the house wagging his tail with a stuffed duck in his mouth, which Scotia tries to snag, and then we inevitably have a wrestling match--always funny to watch. Everyone who meets him melts because of his sweet sweet nature, and of course his snuggle-love. We are so happy to have him--he has given us much love and we smother him with our love in return. Thank you!

Alisa and Ian

Thursday, December 20, 2012 8:45:00 AM


From Kansas to Canada

Recently, Rescue had a Weim named Kansas that came to Colorado from Wyoming, but needed to get to Montana so she could go live in Canada. Whew! Did you follow all that?

Kansas was sprung from a shelter by Patrick, who also fostered her for a time. Then, she was moved into boarding at Play, Stay and More and later to Camp Bow Wow Monument where she stayed for quite some time until another foster home opened up. Rescue volunteer, Carolyn, was able to foster her until just the right home came along; then, it was a matter how to get her there.

Jennifer brought her up to Denver where Leigh picked her up and kept her overnight and took her to the airport to meet Marieke. Meanwhile, Darci had to buy her a travel crate and drop it off with Leigh so it could be prepped for travel. Marieke was kind enough to offer her frequent flyer miles to fly to Montana with Kansas and to hand her off to her ride to Canada. Leigh then babysat Marieke's Weim, Sage, for the day while she was jet-setting with Kansas.

Kansas was such a good sport about the entire trip and traveled like a pro! Her new Canadian home had lots of toys and fun stuff waiting for her and she explored her new home thoroughly and planted a big ol? kiss on her new owner. And after all that, who wouldn't?

It took quite the team effort to get Kansas to her new home, but seeing her sweet, happy face made it so worthwhile! Thank you to everyone that helped Miss Kansas get to her new home in Alberta, Canada!

Thursday, December 20, 2012 8:41:00 AM

Schnitzel (Formerly known as Abe) 

Hi, I wanted to let everyone know how I am doing since my adoption in February of 2009. I came from Kansas in a van and met my foster parents Chris and Eddie who eventually adopted me. I never made it on the Mile High Weimaraner website as I was a last minute arrival. My name was Abe but starting a new life I decided to go by Schnitzel which everyone seems to love. When I first came to Colorado , I was not in very good shape as I was living in a garage with several other dogs and cats and never had enough to eat. I was underweight and had ear and fur problems, but all that has been cured. Well enough about my past, let?s move on to the current. Since I was adopted, I always have plenty to eat and never worry about going hungry. I get plenty of exercise and have lots of room to run and play. I often get to go to the dog park at Chatfield reservoir where I learned to swim this summer. I love to fetch, especially the tennis ball in the water. I even raced Eddie up the steps of the old Manitou Incline by Colorado Springs ; I went a little slow for him so I would not make him feel too bad. I have several other neighborhood dog friends now and we all get along great. I also know many of the kids in the neighborhood and sometimes they even come over to see if I can come out and play with them. Since I was adopted, I have gone hiking in the mountains and the local parks. I travelled on a road-trip with Chris and Eddie to Mt. Rushmore to see the Presidents and then watched Eddie compete in a Triathlon in Minnesota . I got to camp in a tent several nights and had a blast. Later we all drive to Calgary to visit some of Eddie?s family and I got to run and play in the mountains. It was cool and rainy there but I still had a great time. I also went to Salt Lake City which was very nice and met some other friends. I am enjoying my life and am so thankful to have been adopted by such a wonderful family. There is talk that maybe another Weimaraner may be joining me soon, so I am keeping my ears and tail wagging as I wait for my new playmate to arrive. Thank you MHWC for making all this happen.

Love, Schnitzel

Thursday, December 20, 2012 8:40:00 AM

Samuel - Adopted February 2002-Update November 2009 

Update November 2009- My husband was working in Denver which is where we first saw Sam and I worked in Las Vegas. He is 8 years old now and is a wonderful guy. He is a therapy dog visiting Hospice House, a hospital and children read to him at the library. What he does is special. It would not matter to us if he did nothing. We feel his love every day.This is how Samuel looks today:

Samuel was a seven month old blue male. He was bought from a pet store in Colorado Springs and turned in to the Pikes Peak Humane Society because he wet on his owners bed. He spent most of his life in an outdoor run. There was quite a bit of interest in Samuel, even though he had no obedience training and was not housebroken. After a pretty grueling adoption process, Samuel has found his new forever home. In his new home, he is the fourth Weimaraner the family has had over a thirty year period. His new human dad has had Weims for even longer than that! We are happy to report that he is housebroken and learning some good house manners.

Thank you for our gift- J. Kerschner

This is how Samuel looked back then in his new home:








This is how Samuel looks today:


Thursday, December 20, 2012 8:35:00 AM
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