Buddy Boy 

BuddyWe will miss his floppy ears, his unique "welcome home" greeting, his waking us up at 4am too pee, his counter surfing, dumpster digging, his farts, his dorito smelling feet, his quirky way he played "you can't get my bone"... we will miss his couch hogging, food begging ways, we will miss his endless unconditional love and loyalty, his gentlness, his beautiful bark, we will miss Buddy, our home will never be the same again. There is a big hole in our hearts...we love you Buddy. We miss you so much already......we will always miss you because you were perfect for us...and we were perfect for you....we miss you. We will always miss our Buddy Boy. 

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BooneBoone was such a huge part of our life. We miss him each and every day. Weim's are the best. 

~The Whelan Family ~

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Sadie "Bells" Namanny: 2002-2012 

SadieSadie became a part of our family in December of 2009. Because of her we were inspired to start a rescue chapter in our city with Mile High when we saw her in the local shelter. We fostered her for a couple months and our four year old little girl was determined to adopt her Sadie “Bells” with her own money. We realized that we were her forever family. Because of Sadie we have helped several weims and have met wonderful people we wouldn’t have met otherwise. The few years she was with us were lived beyond measure. They were filled with more love than she had ever known before. It’s easy to see why she soaked up all the attention she could get, as her previous home before us abused, over bred, and over hunted her. She taught us to stop and enjoy life’s moments whether it was painting nails, playing dress-up, laying on our pillows, stealing our spot on the couch, and even smelling the air. Every moment with her was worth savoring as she would make it clear that that time was not to be interrupted or ended, especially when the other dogs would try to interrupt. Sadie was a special kind of weim. She wasn’t always the easiest weim as she did have some special issues of her own that were not always fun. But even through it all we are now given the joy that comes with all those memories. We greatly miss the love she brought. Sadie suddenly got unusually sick and we tried to figure out what it was and when we found out it was Cushing’s Disease we were hopeful as it was manageable. Over the few days waiting to get medicine in the mail she got sicker and sicker. The hope we had of having her a few more years was suddenly taken away when she left us forever on her own. adie definitely made sure we were taken care of and her the love she leaves behind will last our lifetime.

~The Namanny Family ~ 

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Duke was a true dog's dog. He knew dogness in and out. He could communicate with dogs in remarkable ways: knowing how to play with each different dog, knowing how to intervene before a fight broke out, always protecting his sister, Rani. When it came to people, he was lost. Who knows what he suffered at the hands of people before he came to us...around strangers he was neurotic. However, with us he was just above tolerant. Then he got sick, really sick. We had to care for him night and day. We nursed him back and when he came back he was completely different - he knew what we had done. He knew that we loved him and he for the next year he returned that love to us a thousand fold. We were so blessed to have him that extra year. Thank you, Duke.

~Scott and Linda ~ 

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Lucy J Weimaraner: 1996-2012 

LucyLucy became a part of our family in the fall of 1996. Like George. her son before her, she was a true and loyal friend, who was spirited to the very end. She often entertained us like Weimars do with communication talking through barking, commanding our other dogs to do as she wanted, and being the lovely, affectionate friend that she allways was to us. Lucy kept me in shape by walking walking, walking, fetching, running and any other form of playing that she could get in during any given 24 hours. She beat breast cancer, not once but twice, she outlived her 11 puppies, and battled down a southern cotton mouth water moccasin when she was two. She was always there to greet me at the door, and even on her last night with us she walked on the ice falling, but determined to get up and walk. She was a blessing to me in some of my darkest days and she put a serene feeling in me with her wonderful Weimaraner ways. She is and will be missed for a long time, but for those 16 years, she showed my why dogs are mans best friend. I love you Lu Lu and an can not wait to see you and George and Jake on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

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Hunter "Monkey" Sagliani: 2001-2011 

HunterHe had given up to rescue at age 7, he was so morbidly obese that he was unable to curl into a ball, happily he shed 60 lbs, becoming the most handsome weim we had ever met. Best described as 95% good, 5% misunderstood, we loved him so very much just the way he was. He welcomed us as his his new family with an open heart and a smile. There wasn't a day that passed that Hunter didn't make us laugh. He also had a lot to say...literally!! We are incredibly grateful for the three years that we spent loving him, he taught us so much. Sadly we lost him to bloat, it was so sudden and heartbreaking. He will live on forever in Hearts. 

~The Sagliani Family ~ 


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Mozzie - 2011 

MozzieMozzie came to us a senior special needs foster for MHWR, and he retired with us as a member of our pack. He was an independent, spunky senior who ruled our house. He was our sheriff, our general and our weimclock. He was quirky, just the way we like them! He is dearly missed by everyone who knew him. 

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Kix - 2011 

KixI said goodbye (temporary I'm sure) to my beloved Kix in August of this year. For his 13 years he was my best friend, and the constant companion and witness to my life, happy times and sad, evacuations from hurricanes, and walks that he took me on. I have great memories of his wacky Weim behavior, most involving food. He once got a chicken out of the oven while I was on 30 minute bike ride, and the only thing that remained when I got home was the Pyrex dish on the open oven door, and the guilty look on his face. Another time he ate 2 lbs of pistachios, in the shell, which he managed to retrieve from the top of the microwave, which was on top of the counter. I won't even go into the precautions we had to take because of his interest in the trash. Nothing was safe. Kix LOVED food, and yes....we were on a first name basis with the vet. Kix was truly my shadow, and I don't think I ever took a step without putting my left hand down by my side to find his ear. Although we still have two "kids", a GSP and a Swissy mix, there is still a giant empty space where Kix used to be. Weim lovers will know what I mean.....and if you have never been loved by a Weim, let me just say that you've missed something special. When the time is right, there will be another Weim in our home, and that will be a happy day.

~The Dusenbery Family ~ 

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Hoss - 2011 

HossAdopted from MHWR in 2005, Hoss had the best retirement a dog could ever ask for. 'Grandpa' Hoss took such great care of all the foster puppies that came and went and was the most patient and loving a boy could ever be. He will be greatly missed by his family, although they know he is with his other Weim buddies today chasing rabbits and looking for field mice.

A tribute to this wonderful Weim can be found on YouTube.

~The Huber Family ~


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Sage - 2011 

SageI adopted Sage from MHWR in November 2008. She was an amazing, loving companion for me for the past 2 1/2 years. She passed away this morning at the vet, after having a stroke yesterday. Of all the dogs I have ever encountered, none was as endearing as Sage. Everywhere we went people were drawn to her and she ate it up...her favorite things were treats and people attention. When I adopted her I was told that she had a pretty rough start to life, being a breed dog in a puppy mill, then owned by a family who was abusive. I learned from the vet today that she had shot pellets in her from a time when someone had shot her. Thanks to the work that you guys do at MHWR at least her last 2 1/2 years were filled with the most love a dog could have.

~Mary Jane Glaspey ~

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