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ShyanneI have been owned by two other weims - one of which I'm happy to say is still with me. While I have and do love them all, Shyanne was by far the sweetest and most gracious dog I think I will ever meet. When I adopted her, she had been in foster care for a year after being given up by her original family. Despite the hardship and confusion I know she must have felt without a home for so long, she gave me her heart right away, and became my constant companion.

I miss her dearly but know that she is out of her pain now, and hope to see her across the Rainbow Bridge.

Maybe this will help people know that adopting a senior weim is well worth it. I loved her so much and will never regret adopting her. Thanks for introducing us.

~The Farnsworth Family~ 

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JCJC, We miss you every single minute. You were our silver baby that continually needed our love and companionship. When we first fostered you, we could tell that you had been through a lot in the past couple of years. You were a little scraggly and your poor ears were infected. This slowly improved with love and a better diet. Thank you for providing Jorge with friendship, wisdom, and unconditional love. Though he didn’t always show it, Jorge genuinely loved you too.

We hope that we provided you with a second chance at life that you dreamt about in the kennel. Our words cannot express how much you mean to us and how much you will be missed. No more pain, just fluffy cloud blankets to suck on.

~Love You, Karra, Lasse, and Jorge ~

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JagerNearly 15 years ago, we adopted our first Weimeraner from the Denver Dumb Friends League and quickly fell in love with the breed. This particular dog's name was Jake and he passed away in February of 2008. Jake lived to be 15 years old and in his last few days, I sat on his pillow with him late in January 2008 and stumbled across the Mile High Weimaraner Rescue page. I literally filled out the application and forgot about it for months while tending to our surviving Dalmation, Zoe. We received Jake's ashes in mid February and they sat on our mantel until spring, so we could bury him in rock garden to his tribute.

Strangely enough on a spring day in May, we buried Jake's ashes, planted some flowers, and put a memorial plaque that said "Jake's Rock Garden". Just as I began to water the garden, Darci called me from Colorado Springs and said that she had a Weimer that needed a home. A soldier was ready to be deployed to Iraq, and his wife was about to have a baby. It was a late Sunday afternoon, and I told Darci that we couldn't drive all the way down to Colorado Springs to pick him up. She told us not to worry, as she would deliver him with the appropriate paperwork.

Later that day, she arrived with Jager. When he arrived, our Dalmation did a "triple take" wondering if Jake had somehow returned. She went up to Jager and licked his forehead and that made if official - that this was his new home in May of 2008.

Since then, he has had his fair share of being spoiled. We have a VW van and he truly thought it was HIS van, he just let us drive it. He has been all over this state. And next month would have been his 9th birthday.

Unfortunately, he wasn't himself over the past few months and an MRI this past weekend revealed that he had a brain tumor. He came out of the anesthesia, and made it home the regular guy that he was. The next day, secondary complications occurred and Jager (a.k.a. Weimer) left this Earth this morning. A sad morning indeed. But the ratio of happiness that he brought us to the sad moments was 1 trillion to one.

Thank you Darci and the MHWR for bringing Weimer into our lives. Personally, my life is so much better when there's a Weimaraner around.

~The Gansmann and Pyle Family ~ 

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Paigemaster Colorado Starlight Miller: 11/17/97 - 02/21/12 

PaigeFor my sweet girl. We adopted Paige with Darci’s help in January of 2005. She began life as a show-girl (hence the name) and had two owners prior to coming to live with us. She was 7 and was perfect in every quirky weim way. She had us trained in no time. Paige gave us seven wonderful years, was such an important part of our family and was loved more than I can express. She was our constant companion. Now she is missed everyday. Returning home from work, instead of the familiar jingle of her tags, there exists only hollow silence. Her departure has left a weimaraner sized hole in my heart. I can only hope that we gave her half as much as she gave us.

~The Miller Family ~ 

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Maddie Jo 

MaddieIt is with a heavy heart that I am writing to tell you that we lost Maddie Jo this last Thurs. She was an absolute love the whole 4 1/2 years we had her. Even with all her medical problems, she was a trooper. She and I worked very, very hard to help her with the loss of control of her back legs, but things just got worse all of a sudden, and we made the decision to give her the rest she so rightly deserved. Shandi K. misses her, and is so very lost without her. The were so close -- like 'me and my shadow'. We know that things will get easier as the days go by, but right now we are hurting terribly at our loss of a girl that absolutely took our hearts and ran with them. She was a special little girl and one that we will carry in our hearts forever. We are so very happy that we were blessed the day you brought her to us. She needed us, and we needed her just as much.
Below is a picture from Granite, MT, (a ghost town) a year and a half ago. Maddie is the one in front, and she looks so good and happy. She loved traveling with us in our 5th wheel and any place we went was just fine with her. There were so many places to see and so many wonderful smells to sniff that she never tired of going.

Thank you, for giving us the opportunity to be Maddie's forever home and a wonderful little girl for us to love. She will be missed so very much every day that lays ahead of us. We just hope that she was finally in a home where she knew she was loved and cherished. The time with her was just too short, but someday we will cross that "Rainbow Bridge" with all our beloved pets (kids) that have gone before us. In sadness 

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Buddy Boy 

BuddyWe will miss his floppy ears, his unique "welcome home" greeting, his waking us up at 4am too pee, his counter surfing, dumpster digging, his farts, his dorito smelling feet, his quirky way he played "you can't get my bone"... we will miss his couch hogging, food begging ways, we will miss his endless unconditional love and loyalty, his gentlness, his beautiful bark, we will miss Buddy, our home will never be the same again. There is a big hole in our hearts...we love you Buddy. We miss you so much already......we will always miss you because you were perfect for us...and we were perfect for you....we miss you. We will always miss our Buddy Boy. 

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BooneBoone was such a huge part of our life. We miss him each and every day. Weim's are the best. 

~The Whelan Family ~

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Sadie "Bells" Namanny: 2002-2012 

SadieSadie became a part of our family in December of 2009. Because of her we were inspired to start a rescue chapter in our city with Mile High when we saw her in the local shelter. We fostered her for a couple months and our four year old little girl was determined to adopt her Sadie “Bells” with her own money. We realized that we were her forever family. Because of Sadie we have helped several weims and have met wonderful people we wouldn’t have met otherwise. The few years she was with us were lived beyond measure. They were filled with more love than she had ever known before. It’s easy to see why she soaked up all the attention she could get, as her previous home before us abused, over bred, and over hunted her. She taught us to stop and enjoy life’s moments whether it was painting nails, playing dress-up, laying on our pillows, stealing our spot on the couch, and even smelling the air. Every moment with her was worth savoring as she would make it clear that that time was not to be interrupted or ended, especially when the other dogs would try to interrupt. Sadie was a special kind of weim. She wasn’t always the easiest weim as she did have some special issues of her own that were not always fun. But even through it all we are now given the joy that comes with all those memories. We greatly miss the love she brought. Sadie suddenly got unusually sick and we tried to figure out what it was and when we found out it was Cushing’s Disease we were hopeful as it was manageable. Over the few days waiting to get medicine in the mail she got sicker and sicker. The hope we had of having her a few more years was suddenly taken away when she left us forever on her own. adie definitely made sure we were taken care of and her the love she leaves behind will last our lifetime.

~The Namanny Family ~ 

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Lucy J Weimaraner: 1996-2012 

LucyLucy became a part of our family in the fall of 1996. Like George. her son before her, she was a true and loyal friend, who was spirited to the very end. She often entertained us like Weimars do with communication talking through barking, commanding our other dogs to do as she wanted, and being the lovely, affectionate friend that she allways was to us. Lucy kept me in shape by walking walking, walking, fetching, running and any other form of playing that she could get in during any given 24 hours. She beat breast cancer, not once but twice, she outlived her 11 puppies, and battled down a southern cotton mouth water moccasin when she was two. She was always there to greet me at the door, and even on her last night with us she walked on the ice falling, but determined to get up and walk. She was a blessing to me in some of my darkest days and she put a serene feeling in me with her wonderful Weimaraner ways. She is and will be missed for a long time, but for those 16 years, she showed my why dogs are mans best friend. I love you Lu Lu and an can not wait to see you and George and Jake on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

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