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Duke was a true dog's dog. He knew dogness in and out. He could communicate with dogs in remarkable ways: knowing how to play with each different dog, knowing how to intervene before a fight broke out, always protecting his sister, Rani. When it came to people, he was lost. Who knows what he suffered at the hands of people before he came to us...around strangers he was neurotic. However, with us he was just above tolerant. Then he got sick, really sick. We had to care for him night and day. We nursed him back and when he came back he was completely different - he knew what we had done. He knew that we loved him and he for the next year he returned that love to us a thousand fold. We were so blessed to have him that extra year. Thank you, Duke.

~Scott and Linda ~ 

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Hunter "Monkey" Sagliani: 2001-2011 

HunterHe had given up to rescue at age 7, he was so morbidly obese that he was unable to curl into a ball, happily he shed 60 lbs, becoming the most handsome weim we had ever met. Best described as 95% good, 5% misunderstood, we loved him so very much just the way he was. He welcomed us as his his new family with an open heart and a smile. There wasn't a day that passed that Hunter didn't make us laugh. He also had a lot to say...literally!! We are incredibly grateful for the three years that we spent loving him, he taught us so much. Sadly we lost him to bloat, it was so sudden and heartbreaking. He will live on forever in Hearts. 

~The Sagliani Family ~ 


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Mozzie - 2011 

MozzieMozzie came to us a senior special needs foster for MHWR, and he retired with us as a member of our pack. He was an independent, spunky senior who ruled our house. He was our sheriff, our general and our weimclock. He was quirky, just the way we like them! He is dearly missed by everyone who knew him. 

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Kix - 2011 

KixI said goodbye (temporary I'm sure) to my beloved Kix in August of this year. For his 13 years he was my best friend, and the constant companion and witness to my life, happy times and sad, evacuations from hurricanes, and walks that he took me on. I have great memories of his wacky Weim behavior, most involving food. He once got a chicken out of the oven while I was on 30 minute bike ride, and the only thing that remained when I got home was the Pyrex dish on the open oven door, and the guilty look on his face. Another time he ate 2 lbs of pistachios, in the shell, which he managed to retrieve from the top of the microwave, which was on top of the counter. I won't even go into the precautions we had to take because of his interest in the trash. Nothing was safe. Kix LOVED food, and yes....we were on a first name basis with the vet. Kix was truly my shadow, and I don't think I ever took a step without putting my left hand down by my side to find his ear. Although we still have two "kids", a GSP and a Swissy mix, there is still a giant empty space where Kix used to be. Weim lovers will know what I mean.....and if you have never been loved by a Weim, let me just say that you've missed something special. When the time is right, there will be another Weim in our home, and that will be a happy day.

~The Dusenbery Family ~ 

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Hoss - 2011 

HossAdopted from MHWR in 2005, Hoss had the best retirement a dog could ever ask for. 'Grandpa' Hoss took such great care of all the foster puppies that came and went and was the most patient and loving a boy could ever be. He will be greatly missed by his family, although they know he is with his other Weim buddies today chasing rabbits and looking for field mice.

A tribute to this wonderful Weim can be found on YouTube.

~The Huber Family ~


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Max- 2001-2011 

MaxMax was only supposed to stay for the weekend until a more permanent foster home could be found. Max stole our hearts and stayed with us for the rest of his life. He was always a happy boy who loved his treats and loved going for rides in his truck. No matter what, Max was always excited and happy to see us return, even if our trip was only to the curb and back. The squirrels in the back yard can now rest a little easier. Max will be missed by us all.

~Cathy and Charlie Jernigan ~


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