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Shadow- formerly Blue Shadow- 2010 

ShadowShadow took a turn for the worse as his kidneys failed and he died in my arms Monday afternoon. It was very hard on us and we miss our "big boy" terribly but are thankful for the time we had together. He was the best dog ever for us. I do want to thank you for all you do at Weim rescue, Weims are the greatest!

~Loved and missed by his adoptive family~

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Kaisha- 2009 In Remembrance 

KaishaKaisha died just his past Fall after 15 glorious years. Born in Delta, CO and enjoyed an active life in Boulder. I feel blessed to have had such a good friend. I miss her dearly.

~Dave Smith~

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Aspen-November 24th, 2009 

AspenI felt it appropriate to write a note about our dear Aspen. She was not a rescue but had two rescue brothers. Aspen was our first experience with a Weim. We did our research on dogs and matched up well with the Weims. Little did I know that she would soon be more a family member than we could ever imagine. She had a rescue partner for 12 years when sadly Snickers was diagnosed with bone cancer and was laid to rest in February of 2008. Aspen was lost without a mate so we rescued Tucker (formerly known as Gus) less than a month later. A year later we added a Weim pup that she gladly barked at to tell him when he was in her way, however, she did really like having him around and being the boss of the house. Sadly, Aspens hind legs started to fail and we made the heart wrenching decision to lay her to rest on November 24th, 2009. She will forever be our first but certainly not our last Weim. RIP dear girl.

~Loved and missed by The Gray’s~

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Lady, 1997-Dec 24, 2009 

LadyLady was our second Weim rescue. She was on death row at the Denver Dumb Friends League because she could jump 6 foot fences. We had a large fenced and roofed kennel in our back yard and we were looking for a female Weim to replace our beloved Helga. Lady suffered from separation anxiety and would jump fences to go look for her people. When we adopted her in August 1998 she was a year old. She was malnourished, her front legs had permanently skewed out elbows. She was a very active, yet loving dog. She was never far from our side. We thought we lost her in May of 2009 when she fell and had minimal use of her back legs. With acupuncture and “Lorenzo’s Oil” (God Bless Dr. Guerney in Aspen Park) she recovered somewhat and bravely carried on until late December when nothing seemed to work and she couldn't move and refused to eat. It was time for her to go over the Rainbow Bridge where she will join the pack of our other beloved Weims (Fritz, Helga, Gunther, Blue 1, and Boo-Boo (Blue 2)). With aching hearts we knew that only another Weim could fill, we recently adopted “Penny” (formerly Praer) from the rescue. She has quickly filled the void left by Lady and has lightened our hearts. Thank you Mile High Weimaraner Rescue for all you do.

~Donna Nuce and Ed Geron~

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Sage Brush Briggs- 2009 

Sage BrushMiss Sage was a fun loving "mellow" Weim who loved to go camping, hiking and swimming in the mountains. Other Weim owners often commented on how mellow and mild mannered she was for a Weim. I am extremely honored and proud to have spent time with Sage.
Sadly, she had some health complications and passed away at 9 years of age- there will never be another "Sage". Loved by many, she will be missed by all. Sage is shown hiking near Empire Co.

~The Briggs Family~

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ClayMy name is Clay. I am what you would call a senior adoptee. No one wanted me-not even my family of nearly 12 years. They left me, sick at death's door, at the local shelter. They felt that I had nothing left to contribute. But, as Karma would have it (some call her, Darci) there was plenty of life left in this ol' tank! Fast forward to today, nearly 2 years later....heartworms 'r gone & I'm living in a nirvana retirement home! I have my own bed-indoors, mind you-I can lay on the couch and there are 2 hot, young weim chicks (who kind of like me) and 3 humans that love me! I go on regular hikes (with the hot chicks), chew bullys, snuggle on the couch, go in and out the doggie door as I please, lay in front of a fire.....wish I had retired sooner!
God bless you Karma!

10/15/09-An update on Clay---he celebrated his 14th birthday yesterday! He had a big piece of cake! Clay is doing great, still goes on long walks, can still hear very well but his hip is getting worse but we have medication for that and it seems to help a lot.
Shortly after his 14th birthday, Clay passed away peacefully. He left behind a wonderful loving family.


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Carl 2008- 2009 

CarlCarl, a one year old stray came to us from Carlsbad. He entered rescue with advanced Ehrlichiosis, which is a tick-borne disease. His disease was not treatable and Carl passed over the Rainbow Bridge 8/10/09. He never found his "forever" home but Carl was not alone, he had a very loving foster mom and he was a member of the MHWR family. Rest easy sweet boy...

~MHWR New Mexico Chapter~

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Alfred- 2009 

AlfredAlfred was a young gray male who was found starving, poor boy was skin and bone and sadly heart worm positive. He lost his battle on October 27th, 2009 when he passed away quietly and peacefully in a volunteers arms. Alfred, please know that you were loved by everyone who met you and that your MHWR family will miss you dearly!

~MHWR Kansas Chapter~

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Duke 2007 - 2009 

DukeI lost my friend Duke at the age of only two. Duke had not had a great life but he found happiness with his wonderful foster family Tami and Greg. They worked with him every day helping him move past his issues. Over the next six weeks Tami and Greg fell in love with him. Two days after they had decided to adopt him Duke fell ill. The rescue tried everything to get him well but it seemed it was out of our hands. Knowing Duke only had a few days left I brought him home to be with my family. He was surrounded by love and comfort. We wrapped him in soft blankets making sure to never leave him alone. My three weims all knew why he had come here, they all layed next to him once in a while getting up to check on him. As I held Duke close he took his last breath. Duke died surrounded by love. I have never experienced something so sad and so beautiful at the same time. Duke has given me a gift I will never forget. Thank you.

~~Nikki and Rico~

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Abby - 2009 

AbbyAbby had 3 1/2 really good years with us. We adopted her through MHWR when she was about 5 years old and she had had a tough life up till then. Her owner was arrested and sent to prison (I don't know what for) and his wife didn't know what to do with the dogs so she tied them up in the basement and left them with no food & water. Her father-in-law came to the house and saw what was going on and took Abby and the other dog to a shelter. The other dog was adopted right away but Abby was scared and probably aggressive in the kennel. The shelter called weim rescue and said she was non-adoptable and was to be put down in two days if we didn't come get her. I had just found the weim rescue site that week and filled out an application to be a volunteer. I heard back from Darci on Wed. about 3 dogs in shelters in the Denver area. She told me about Abby and I said I would go and get her immediately. I brought her home and she was the sweetest thing . . . she walked into the house and stole our hearts. Sterling loved her and was happy to have her there. By the end of the week we went to Weim Fest and when Michelle asked for the foster dogs to come up so that people interested could meet them, Joe turned to me and said "she doesn't need to go"! We had failed "fostering 101"!!!! We were not about to give her up!

About one year after we adopted her she had a stroke and we thought we would lose her. You may see her episode on Animal Planet Emergency Vets, the Interns from time to time. I think it was on just a month ago. She came out of the stroke pretty well and we were told that she could possibly gain full mobility within a few months. We worked with her and were pleased that in a short amount of time she was able to walk again on her own with just a few problems in her back legs!

Since that time she has had a few mini-seizures or strokes and has had a few setbacks but she has always been a trooper. Each & every day . . . twice a day she would do her "food dance" when we fed her. She was SO excited that she got to eat AGAIN that she would bark & twirl and sometimes nip at our backsides if we weren't fast enough. We would laugh every time, she was so cute! After the stroke she still did her dance but a lot of times as she propelled herself in a circle she would end up falling because of the back legs but it didn't stop her enthusiasm!
On Tuesday, Feb 24th, we thought she had another stroke. I took her to the vet and he did a blood panel on her & found her to be anemic but other than that couldn't come up with any reason for the stroke. She couldn't walk & wouldn't eat. We carried her outside and helped hold her so she could go to the bathroom. It took her 2 days to come out of this but by Thursday evening she was back to normal . . . for her! I now realize that is was not a stroke after all.

She had another episode on Thursday last week at dinner time. She was lethargic and didn't want to eat . . . definitely not normal for Abby. She couldn't (or wouldn't) walk and we again carried her outside to urinate. Friday morning I called the vet as soon as they were open and was sent to an Internal Medicine specialist for an ultra sound. She was in shock by this point and they found that she was bleeding internal (accounts for the anemia). She had a lot of nodules on her liver and her spleen. They could not in good conscious recommend surgery as they believed that there were just too many tumors and that this was cancer that had spread to her other organs! The kindest thing was to let her go! Which is what we decided to do.

We will miss our girl SO much but she had Sterling waiting for her. Now she can run and play without those darn legs giving out on her and without the pain from bilateral hip dysplasia!

Here are a couple of pictures of Abby. One is with Sterling the day I adopted her- Abby is the one looking over her shoulder.

~Joe and Carolyn Beavers~

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