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We adopted Yaeger in December 2006, and just wanted to let you know that he is doing great! He is loved by everyone he meets, and is very outgoing and friendly - to a fault. He visited the dog park, which is one of his favorite endeavors. He is usually the greeting committee at the gate as people come in. He visited 3rd grade with my youngest daughter for her "special person" day. He was a perfect gentleman, showed off all his tricks and got a few good face licks in on the kids that got too close. He reveled in all the hugs to a point that he just laid down and let them lay on him with hugs. His tail gave away his delight. And, my daughter was quite proud!

He still has a Kleenex fetish. If there is a box anywhere within the remote chance of a stretch, it is gone. He neatly leaves the actual box unscathed. He is quite efficient at getting the treasure inside - out! Amazing.

I wanted to thank you for your efforts and enthusiasm in assisting us and finding Yaeger. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect dog at this time in my life. My oldest daughter prays nightly giving thanks that as some doors close, other open such as God giving her Yaeger. That is enough to melt a dad's heart.

Thursday, December 20, 2012 11:09:00 AM


I adopted Murphy last spring. Just wanted to drop a line and a few pictures to tell you that we couldn't be happier with our boy. We have had some real challenges along the way (swallowing an expensive running sock whole, chewing apart his bed, barking in the backyard) but slowly he has become more obedient and recently we have really realized just how content he has become with us, especially since we work opposite shifts now so someone is always home with him. I can't imagine what my day would be like if I couldn't see that wagging nub of his when I walk in the door, or take him for a run, or have him lay his head on my lap when we are relaxing together. Now that we know how wonderful it is to share our home with a weim, we are actually looking for a brother or sister for Murphy to share the house with. He loves to play with other dogs, but we don't take him to the dog park too often; we would love for him to have someone to play with more often.

Thursday, December 20, 2012 11:07:00 AM

The Amazing Schatzie! 

Let me start by saying: Weimaraners are not for everyone. But for those of us who enjoy a challenge & yearn for an intelligent & unwaveringly loyal companion that is eager to please (when they are not on a scent mission), enthusiastic, fun to be around and fairly easy to maintain grooming-wise, you just can't do better than a Weimaraner.

In 1990, I saw the most gorgeous dog I had ever seen in my life. He lived several floors above me in a penthouse suite in NYC with his Vizsla companion. He was staring at my banana (lunch) and I was sure he thought it was something else. The intense focus was beautiful. He looked like a gleaming silver sculpture. I promised myself someday I would have that breed of dog.

Over the years I reflected on that regal dog. Fast-forward to 1995. I was finally in a position to have a dog with my boyfriend of 5 years. I did lots of research on the Weimaraner, and decided it was a good breed for us. Unfortunately, we couldn't find a breeder for months ( and weren't aware of breed-specific rescues back then - and no internet!). Then a friend called to point out an ad that was just placed for Weimaraner puppies! This was 12 years ago- and as luck would have it, they were very reputable breeders that had nothing to do with puppy mills. They even took him back for "hunting lessons" later. We got lucky. Now I wouldn't even consider going to a breeder when they are so many fantastic shelters & breed-specific rescues (shout out to Darci at MHWC!! haaay!) That pup came to be known as Klaus von Silber Schatzi ('Klaus of the Silver Sweethearts') and for 12 years (and many training manuals later) he was the most wonderful companion-- human or canine-- anyone could hope for when looking for a dog. I won't kid around, we did our homework, chose a compatible breed & were nothing short of militant about his training, but our reward was this utterly amazing companion. The boyfirend & I ended up splitting when Klaus was just 1 1/2, but he maintained his 'fatherhood' all through the years and was even there when my darling boy took his final breath in our little cabin in the woods. This huge, strong man with a deep, booming voice-- completely reduced to whimpering and tears at the realization of his loss. I was, months and months later.... stalking the Mile High Weim Rescue website (just to look at the pretty pictures... of course). I just read over & over 'this one jumps 6 ft fences' or 'this one can't be left alone.' At that point it really sunk in how special Klaus was, and that this breed is not for wimps. I felt there couldn't be an equal. My next thought was fostering....maybe I could get that ol' feeling back. Funny, I always thought I'd try a different breed next time, or maybe a mixed-breed, then after I lost my Main Man I couldn't imagine ever having anything BUT a Weimaraner (after, of course, the blue period when you are so devastated that you swear you will never have another dog again-- ever). I loved my friends' dogs, and signed dogs out from our shelter (an awesome feature of our no-kill facility at the Aspen A nimal Shelter), but there is nothing like the feeling of coming back to your very own baby.

That's when I saw her! She was a beaut-- ean, girly, delicate and described as very affectionate, which, to be honest, with Klaus I was not used to! They are a lot of things, Weimaraners, but clingy & super affectionate ...mmmaybe not so much? I was also sort of 'set' on an older gentleman- over 5 or 6, XL. But I got in touch with Darci and found out that she was already being fostered, and that I could do the trial-basis thing. Her foster mommy was extremely picky, and I found out that in the time she fostered her, I was the only person she'd let meet her. I met her part-way and we hiked the trails. She melted into my lap. I spent the next few days saying to myself 'well, she's no Klaus' but then came to realize, she was not Klaus, but in the best possible way. She was so mindful of my commands, and went through training with Weimaraner's trademark vigor & zeal. Every day she amazes me more with her eagerness to please and her capacity for deep love & trust in me.

My friends laughed when I would tell strangers 'I'm only fostering her short-term.' They would snicker and say 'Seriously-who are you kidding? You are so into her!' We are a pair, I tell you. Till death do us part-- that's for sure. Now I just imagine how life would totally suck without her. She has helped distract me through one of the most trying times in my life. And I suppose that aside from sleeping with the occasional pinecone brought in from is pretty good.

So, really I suppose the point of this painfully long story is... who rescued whom?

Thursday, December 20, 2012 11:05:00 AM


Aggie (aka: Aggie-Waggie, Aggie-Bear, Aggie-Tater, Agnes, Agnes of Dog) will be two years old tomorrow-5/16/08! Aggie joined our family just before her first birthday. Shortly after that, she earned her Canine Good Citizen Award. She is so proud and really aims to please her humans. She absolutely adores her 5 year old weim step-sister, Stella. Ags really loves the fact that her sister has taught her how to drink out of the bathtub faucet and that has become her drink place of choice. She tolerates her foster brother, Clay, a 12 year old weim. She has learned to appreciate fruits and vegetables from her other sister, Judy. She is the most loving and loyal little girl. She enjoys running outside (right through the doggie-door) to bark at any passersby, animal or human. She will even jump the fence to greet face to face unless she is wearing her electric fence collar. Of course, true to her breed, she craves riding in the car, especially when going to the dog park or some big field to run wild; going on walks, swimming, chasing small prey (rabbits, squirrels, etc.) and occasionally catching mice to bring home as presents.

She will play tug forever, because she always wins, now she is finding it hard to get anyone to oppose her. She has a feminine side, too, as she enjoys sharing a bubble bath where she will bob for \ her tennis ball. Aggie has a heart as big as the whole world and a personality to match. What a blessed addition she has been to our family. She definitely has a permanent place in our hearts, not to mention on our bed, sofa, laps, etc. Aggie and her friends & siblings will enjoy homemade frosty paws made from the recipe found on the rescue website...YUMMY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AGGIE !!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012 11:04:00 AM


We adopted Blue in May 2008. I needed a new running buddy and my husband, having grown up with Weimars, convinced me they made wonderful pets. Because we were coming from Gunnison to Denver to meet our new potential family member, we requested to see specific dogs. Blue was not among those requested. I believe his description online included information about being adopted and returned several times. Although there were many beautiful and energetic Weims to choose from, Blue captured our attention with his good looks, smaller stature and mellow personality. Besides, he followed us around the dog park with those droopy ears and big, pleading Weim eyes. Blue is ALL Weim! After visits to the vet for a hurt paw (fence jumping repercussions), a sliced tongue (finding a recycled can with a ragged edge) and numerous adventures in counter-surfing, we all decided it was a good thing he was a lovey with a great personality. Blue started his life in our home a little aloof but now, true to the breed, he?s the ultimate Velcro dog ? he?s under the impression that he?s a petite lap dog. Once he trained me that we?d be better running partners without a leash, our runs have become companionable events for both of us. Blue has adapted to his mountain life quite nicely. He loves a good hike, loves running by the lake (the world?s largest water dish) and, I?m sure, will adapt to x-country skiing this winter. We are so glad he?s a part of our family. It?s hard to imagine life without all his snuggling, tail-wagging and antics. Thanks Mile High Weimaraner Club for finding homes for these beautiful dogs, and thanks for bringing Blue to the park visit! He?s a great addition to our home.

Best regards,
The Luekenga Family

Thursday, December 20, 2012 10:57:00 AM

Priscilla and her Five Puppies 

Priscilla came from Kansas. She had been left in a backyard, tied to a tree. When she came to MHWR, she was one week away from delivering FIVE puppies! She settled in nicely at her foster home and had her pups exactly one week later. The puppies, mixed-breed, were all born happy and healthy and Priscilla was a perfect mother! All five pups and Momma-P found amazing adoptive homes! You can watch their progress here.

Thursday, December 20, 2012 10:55:00 AM

Osacar Wilde 

We have officially adopted the dog formally known as Oscar. Now Oscar wilde. He is adjusting very well. He, and our other weimaraner, Slate are best buddies now. They play together, love laying next to each other. We have put Oscar through a beginning ?boot camp? with a certified trainer. His behavior is better. There is room for improvement, we plan on continuing with his training. He is so sweet, loves being with our family. Plays with the kids well. He is curious about our cat, but not aggressive. Just wants to play. He had to have his toe amputated, due to an old infection, has healed almost totally. He makes us laugh daily. I know people say the dogs that are adopted are lucky to have ?forever homes?. We feel fortunate! We just love him, he has added so much to our lives!

Thursday, December 20, 2012 10:48:00 AM


Oct 5th, 2008 we officially adopted the puppy formally named Cheyenne. He is now known as Rocky, due to his love of chewing rocks! We are working on other fun things to chew on that better for the teeth and stomach! He is getting adjusted and becoming more curious. He had never played or been exercised before so we?ve been gradually introducing him to all these new fun things. Before we adopted Rocky, we had a Labrador, who recently pasted away. One evening our neighbors brought their new foster puppy (Cheyenne) outside for a visit. We were immediately drawn to him because of his sweet demeanor and gentleness. That night we researched Weimaraner?s to learn more about the breed and learned how well they do with families. The next day, we called our neighbors and ?puppy sat? for them. We fell in love with Rocky and realized our home wasn?t complete without another dog in it, so we decided to adopt him. A week later, we realized how much Rocky was meant to be a part of our lives. As I was working on our scrapbook, I found a note card that a friend given us when our former dog passed away. The unique thing about this was that the front the note card had a Weimaraner eating mangos on it. I got goosebumps and tears, Rocky was in the right place and we were meant to be his forever home!

~The Webster Family~

Thursday, December 20, 2012 10:41:00 AM


Ellie is a wonderful sweet girl, and very intelligent. In 2 weeks she has learned my route, knowing when to be on which side of the pick-up and when she can stretch out and sleep. I can't pin point what drew me to her, but she is a perfect companion, and I'm so thankful to have her with me. Thank you for your wonderful mission of caring for the Weims!!


Phil & Ellie

Thursday, December 20, 2012 10:40:00 AM


We just want you to know how much we love Baxter, who we adopted from the Mile High Weimaraner Rescue in March of 2008. He has had plenty of time to make himself comfortable in our home and with our family and we can tell he loves us, too! The irony is that we were looking for a two-year-old female. I had researched the breed and found a good rescue (that's you!). I had been reading biographies on your website for months of the female dogs available for adoption, looking for just the right dog for us. I hadn't even bothered to read the bios of the males.

Our family really missed having a dog, since our last dog had died several months earlier. I knew what we were looking for in terms of temperment and decided to take a look at the males. After I read Baxter's bio, I just knew he was our dog. Baxter is male and five years old but he is the perfect fit for our family. After we met him, we were all convinced. The moral of the story is that your perfect dog may be somewhat different than you thought! We wanted a female because we thought she would be more gentle with our young children than a male. Baxter has proven to be very loving and gentle - unless he feels you owe him some attention. Then he will lean against you until you play with him or he knocks you over! Baxter lays at our feet while I homeschool our girls. When we are done, he romps with us in the back yard. He loves all of his family members - and we all think he loves us best! He is sweet and affectionate and energetic without being too wild. He has his naughty moments - in our house, the sofa is a no dog zone - but we enjoy each other's company. Baxter really is the perfect dog for us and we adore him! Thank you so much for bringing us together!

Merry Christmas and much joy from the Bernard family!

Thursday, December 20, 2012 10:37:00 AM
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